Finest Gin For Connoisseurs -  Handcraftet In Small Batches

Crocodile Dry Gin Mandarin

11 botanicals are used to create the clear and fine Crocodile Dry Gin Mandarin. The slow and carefully processed multi stage distilling ensures a light but intense and tasty experience. The result is a very clean, classic Dry Gin with a light note of Mandarin.

The first lot of handcrafted Crocodile Dry Gin Mandarin is limited to a Small Batch of only 120 Bottles.

Crocodile Dry Gin Mandarin fits perfectly as Apero, just for any special occasion or for the best holidays.

Enjoy pure or with plenty of ice, a dry Tonic Water garnished with a wedge of Lemon or Mandarin. 

The Process

Crocodile Gin is dedicated to the finest product possible starting by the high quality only 100% natural ingredients.

The sophisticated copper distillery is based on classic old copper tools but electrically controlled and heated with solar energy.

Finally, the distilling is done very slowly at low temperatures in a multi stage process in order to transport the rich flavors without any fuselage or harsh tastes to deliver the unmatched clean taste of Crocodile Dry Gin.

Our stores

Where to get Crocodile Gin

Our dedicated list of quality liquor shops and bars is constantly expanding. 

Crocodile Dry Gin Mandarin can be ordered online at www.noplanetb.ch

Crocodile Gin is only sold to 18y and older.